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 Rules Forum and In game (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Rules Forum and In game (MUST READ)   Sun 01 Aug 2010, 1:30 pm

Rules section:

These rules must be followed. If any user is found braking these rules, depending on how serious the offence is action will be taken.

Forum Rules:

1. Swearing is allowed but do not do it excessively.
2. Pornography is NOT allowed, however if you want to post something which you think is not Porn but might be seen as porn by others please PM me or Dior to get it approved.
3. All posts on this forum MUST be written in English so that everyone can understand. Feel free to write PM's in any language you want.
4. Do not Spam anywhere except the "SPAM" section. If you feel the need to add more to your post there is an "Edit" button for that purpose Very Happy
5. Do not abuse any other users or flame them on the forum if you have a problem with someone, contact me or Dior and we will attempt to resolve the situation.

In Game Rules:

1. Swearing is allowed but do not over use it.
2. Absolutely NO KILL STEALING not only is it bad for your reputation it it bad for our Guild too and will most likely get you instantly kicked.
3. Do not hack in any way if you are found hacking you WILL be instantly kicked and reported to Nexon.
4. Not really a rule but try to help out your guild friends, we are a friendly guild and our members need to know that as well. How ever do not BEG for help this will get you no where and will annoy other members.
5. Do not spam the same thing, for example S>GFA 60%@@@@@@ saying it once is enough, if someone is interested they will reply.

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Rules Forum and In game (MUST READ)
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